Hard Tissue

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Trauma & Orthopaedics

Sedeek SM. Massive chronic rotator cuff tear: what could be done? Hard Tissue 2014 Jan 18;3(1):1.


Massive rotator cuff tears have been variously defined as tears exceeding 5 cm in diameter or involving at least two tendons.

Massive retracted tears of the rotator cuff are difficult to manage. They usually occur in older patients with compromised tissue. Visualization of a massive tear is a challenge even when extensile exposures are utilized. Once exposed, the torn rotator cuff tissue may not have sufficient length to be adequately mobilized and reduced anatomically. Additionally, after repair, the weakened tissue may not withstand rigorous therapy and can tear again.

Nevertheless, the management of massive, retracted rotator cuff tears continues to evolve as techniques for treatment improve. 

This article provides an overview of the nature and pathogenesis of massive rotator cuff tears, reviews widely accepted forms of management based on previous studies, and discusses the efficiency of the different surgical modalities for these conditions.

Corresponding Author

Dr Sedeek Mohamed Sedeek, Al Ahly hospital, 3 Borgy Street, Alexandria, Egypt, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Sport medicine service. Email: sedeeko2000@hotmail.com, Sedeeko2000@yahoo.com