For citation purposes: Altonbary AY, Bahgat MH, Elkashef WF. Bilharzial granuloma of the duodenum. OA Case Reports 2014 Aug 18;3(7):62.

Case report

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Bilharzial granuloma of the duodenum.

A Altonbary, M Bahgat, W Elkashef

Authors affiliations

(1) Department of gastroenterology and hepatology, Mansoura faculty of medicine, Mansoura, Egypt

(2) Department of pathology, Mansoura faculty of medicine, Mansoura, Egypt

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An unusual location for bilharzial granuloma is reported.

Case report

The lesions were found during endoscopy in the duodenum of a young female presented with abdominal pain and lymphadenopathy. Diminutive polypoid lesions measuring about 3-4 mm were seen in the first and second portions of the duodenum and were biopsied endoscopically. Histological findings were typical of bilharzial granuloma which is rarely found in the duodenum.


In the presented patient, the gastrointestinal clinical symptoms persisted for several years. Despite the patient’s history indicative of a possibility of a Schistosoma infection, laboratory tests failed to detect parasite eggs and the lesion was found in the duodenal mucosa which is an unexpected site.

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