For citation purposes: Singh R. Bony projection from the pectineal line of hip bone. OA Case Reports 2014 Aug 18;3(7):64.

Case report


Bony projection from the pectineal line of hip bone.

Rajani Singh

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(1) AIIMS, Rishikesh, India

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Superior ramus of pubic bone has three borders namely inferior border, anterior border and posterior border also known as pectineal line. Pectineal line extends from pubic tubercle to iliopubic eminence. One female and two male hip bones were found to possess bony projections arising from pectineal line lateral to pubic tubercle. The case has been reported for its virgin occurrence.

Case report

During examination of hip bones in the osteology lab of department of anatomy, KG Medical University, Lucknow, UP, India. 3 out 100 hip bones found to have bony projection erupting from pectineal line of pubic bone. The length and thickness of these bony tubercles in female hip bone were 5mm each. The length and thickness in one male hip bone were 6mm and 5mm respectively. These measurements in other male hip bone were 6mm and 4mm.


Pectineal line which gives attachment to lacunar ligament, pectineus muscle and conjoint tendon. Bony tubercle arising from pectineal line might be form due to ossification of lacunarligament/ pectineus muscle/ conjoint tendon. These bony spurs may impinge on surrounding structures damaging them creating clinical complications. The knowledge will be of utmost use to anatomists, radiologists, clinicians and anthropologists.

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