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Alawani SS, Rudrappa S, Siddaiah P. Poland-Mobius syndrome: A clue to the common developmental pathogenesis. OA Case Reports 2014 Sep 22;3(7):66.



Mobius syndrome is a rare disorder characterised by congenital non-progressive unilateral or bilateral VI and VII cranial nerve paresis with or without involvement of other cranial nerves. Poland syndrome is another rare congenital abnormality of the chest wall, characterised by unilateral partial or total absence of thepectoralismajor muscle andipsi­lateralsymbrachydactyly.An infant with features of both Mobius syndrome and Poland syndrome is presented in this case report.


A two days old baby was brought with complains of drooling of milk on feeding. On examination, baby had left sided facial palsy, bilateral abducent nerve palsy, absent right pectoralis major muscle and homolateral symbrachydactyly. Baby also had congenital talipes equino varus of left foot.


The etiology of these syndromes is multifactorial. Both these syndromes have been attributed to vascular disruption sequence. The recurrent presentation of combination of these two syndromes provides further evidence to a possible common developmental pathogenesis referred to as the subclavian artery disruption sequence.

Corresponding Author

Dr Sujata S. Alawani - sujata.alawani@gmail.com