For citation purposes: Kalampokas T, Sofoudis C, Boutas I, Koumousidis A, Anastasopoulos C, Kalampokas E, Panoulis K. In vitro fertilization and human immunodeficiency virus: Review of the current medical and legal issues. OA Women's Health 2013 Jun 01;1(1):6.


Infertility Treatment

In vitro fertilization and human immunodeficiency virus: review of the current medical and legal issues

T Kalampokas, C Sofoudis, I Boutas, A Koumousidis, C Anastasopoulos, E Kalampokas, K Panoulis

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2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Athens, Aretaieion Hospital, Athens

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The percentage of couples around the world facing infertility problems is especially high, resulting in the acquisition of a child to become an unfulfilled desire. The medical definition of infertility is the failure of a couple to conceive following 12 months of free and frequent intercourse without any type of contraception. This review is divided into two subsections. In the first subsection, we briefly summarize the available methods of the assisted reproduction and deal with the medical procedures when an human immunodeficiency virus carrier wishes childbearing, and in the second subsection we discuss about the spread of AIDS through in vitro fertilization and the responsibility of the physician.

Materials and methods

We searched the medical literature and the relevant nomology on in vitro fertilization and human immunodeficiency virus. The information found in 19 sources of this search was uzed to form our narrative review.


The main methods of assisted reproduction are discuszed: in vitro fertilization—intracytoplasmatic sperm injection,in vitro fertilization with surrogate motherhood, cryopreservation of genetic material and embryo, oocyte/sperm and embryo donation and preimplantation diagnosis for genital diseases. The issue of HIV and pregnancy was investigated.


Every decision should be taken with a resolution of all criteria, legal or clinical, and always taking into consideration the best service provision to the woman.

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