For citation purposes: Weiss HR. History of soft brace treatment in patients with scoliosis: a critical appraisal. Hard Tissue 2013 Jul 01;2(4):35.

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Spinal Surgery

History of soft brace treatment in patients with scoliosis: a critical appraisal

HR Weiss

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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services, D-55457 Gensingen, Alzeyerstr. 23, Germany

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Soft/dynamic braces today are used all over the world under the name of SpineCor. The marketing concept is very effective in promoting the soft brace as the first and only ‘dynamic’ brace. A short review has been undertaken, investigating the history of dynamic braces and devices available today.

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The use of soft braces to treat scoliosis has been documented by Schanz as early as 1904. In his book, various soft and hard braces with soft add-ons are described as state of the art in the nineteenth century. Many of these soft braces were developed by Fischer.

Today, shortcomings of the dynamic brace have been revealed in literature in comparison with hard braces; however, the concept of improving the quality of life while under brace treatment should be considered further. The purpose of this review is to highlight the history of soft braces and to present recent developments.


There is more than one soft brace used today, and the history of soft bracing is long (over 120 years). Claims made by a company to distribute the first and only soft/dynamic brace may be misleading.

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