For citation purposes: Shapovalov KA, Shapovalova LA. Features of alcoholism in women. OA Alcohol 2013 Aug 01;1(2):13.



Features of alcoholism in women

KA Shapovalov, LA Shapovalova

Authors affiliations

(1) Head of Department of Standardisation and Quality Assessment of Medical Care of the State Health Agency of the Republic of Komi ‘Republican Medical Information and Analytical Center’, MD Sciences

(2) Doctor of the Highest Qualification Category of the State Health Agency of the Republic of Komi ‘Consultative Diagnostic Center of the Republic of Komi’

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In today’s society, social alcoholism is growing in the female population. It causes symptoms and affects their consumption behaviour of alcoholic beverages. The habit of close relatives, especially that of their husband, friends and close associates, has a decisive influence on the model of female behaviour. The features of everyday behaviour of women who use alcohol can be used as potential markers of alcoholism. This article highlights the malignancy and severity of alcoholism in women compared with men.


Every woman should be informed about alcoholism as a disease leading to inevitable premature death.

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