For citation purposes: Boutas I, Koumousidis A, Kalampokas E, Sofoudis C, Anastasopoulos C, Kalampokas T, Deligeoroglou E, Salakos N. Domestic violence: Review of the history of actions as well as the evolution of legislation in Greece. OA Women's Health 2013 Sep 01;1(2):12.


Ethics & Psycho-Social Issues

Domestic violence: Review of the history of actions as well as the evolution of legislation in Greece.

I Boutas, A Koumousidis , E Kalampokas, C Sofoudis, C Anastasopoulos, T Kalampokas , E Deligeoroglou , N Salakos

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(1) Family Planning Unit, 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athens, Aretaieion Hospital, Greece.

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The issue of violence against women within the family, or as it is widely known domestic violence, is appearing now firmly as much in European policies as in Greek legislation in order to tackle and prevent this phenomenon. Unfortunately, European and Greek laws do not fully cover this important subject and as the respective studies show, domestic violence rates are increased. In the present review we are going to refer, briefly, to the historical background of the actions and the Greek legislation on this topic.

Materials and Methods

We investigated in libraries as well as on the web for “domestic violence”-related articles and Greek court decisions on the matter in question for the last two decades. Access to sensitive data was obtained by every governmental body involved in our study.


Before of the implementation of the proper legislation, no clear conceptual framework existed. We have to mention that the Greek law has become more specialized and socially-orientated, aiming mostly at the cure of the revealed cases, rather than the punishment itself.


The issue of violence against women is very important and requires the participation of both the State, as well as the non-governmental non-profit organizations.

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