Charles D. Rosen

Professor of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery.

Dr. Rosen specializes in spinal disorders having completed advanced fellowship training in spinal surgery and rehabilitation in 1989. Dr. Rosen has been in practice for 22 years and is an expert in the diagnosis of spinal problems. His specialty in spinal surgery is in patients with spinal degeneration, suffering from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, instability and all the other consequences of this in the neck and lumbar spine. He has developed a particular interest in treating patients with failed disc replacements who travel from different parts of the country for consultation. He enjoys taking his time and talking with patients.

His research currently is developing a more accurate model of spinal biomechanics. This has arisen out of his nationally recognized expertise in evaluating the failure of artificial lumbar disc replacements, and in their treatment. After reviewing numerous failed disc replacements, he believes the current disc replacements being implanted all have an inherent flaw. This flaw is in the disc design being based on an erroneous model of spinal motion.