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With thousands of researchers submitting quality research every day, it is essential that the English language used in your manuscript is of high quality. Your high quality research may suffer delays or initial rejection because of poor quality of its English. OAP London has collaborated with Enago, one of the world’s leading English language editing and translation service providers, to help you get your manuscripts corrected for language before you submit to OAP London journals.
The services offered by Enago concentrate on improving your written English so that your research results stand out. Enago provides scientific editing and related services that raise the quality of manuscripts to the standard expected for the peer review stage. They are the only international editing service to have localized ties in Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, German, Persian, Brazilian and Arabic.
Enago has a vast experience in understanding the challenges faced by scientists worldwide whose first language is not English in achieving publication success.


Editors at Enago

Editors at Enago are carefully recruited who sign a non-disclosure agreement with Enago ensuring that your research is always confidential. The following points describe editors at Enago:

1. Enago editors are native speakers of English and also scientific experts
2. Enago editors are published authors themselves
3. Editors have an average editing experience of around 19.4 yrs
4. Editors are highly qualified with Master and/or PhD degrees

The language editors focus on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. Typically, editors work towards bringing a natural flow for readability and understanding of the manuscript, and at the same time, strive to emphasize key points of your research in the most effective way. This brings a positive impact on the peer reviewer of your manuscript.

These editors use their experience and subject expertise to make your article language not only professional but also clear and concise.

Please note that the editors will not edit for research content or formatting and will not translate text from another language. If you wish to get translation done, please contact Enago office at request@enago.com.


Types of Editing Services available:

Please choose an editing service carefully after going through the definition and description of each service. It is also a good idea to first compare these services to understand what is best suitable for you.

Enago offers editing services based on the quality of your writing:
To read more about the services, please visit Enago website according to the language you prefer:












Englisch Lektorat Service



Serviços de Revisão de Inglês



İngilizce redaksiyon





التحرير باللغة الإنجليزية




English editing services



برگه نمونه زبان انگليسي ويرايش خدمات






1.    Does OAPL offer language editing services?
OAPL does not currently offer an independent language editing service. However, considering the importance of English language in the peer-review stage, OAPL has co-operated with Enago, a world-leading academic English editing company.

2.    Why has OAPL chosen to partner with Enago?
Enago is a world-leading English editing company and has been the pioneer of many innovations that have set standards in the markets. With a vast reach in over 67 countries, Enago makes it convenient for authors to communicate their research and thoughts in the most effective and convenient way. Enago employs editors who are not just native English speakers but also are highly qualified and experienced. At the same time, Enago has received several awards that no other English editing company has achieved so far. These are the World Quality Commitment Award, Red Herring Asia 2010 Top 100 Award, & Red Herring Global 2010 Top 100 Award.

3.    Are OAPL authors required to use Enago?
All OAPL authors are required to submit their papers in well written comprehendible English. If an author is not confident of their language skills, OAPL commends the use of professional English editing services such as Enago that will help authors to bring the language of their paper to a desired level.

4.    Does using Enago or another language editing service affect the editorial decision?
No, the use of any Language editing service will not affect the editorial decision. Please note language is just a means to get your peer-reviewer to clearly understand your research. It is the contents that matter to the reviewers.

5.    What Editing services are offered?
There are several editing services offered by Enago according to the level of English in the original paper. Click here to read more on English editing services.

6.    What is the Turnaround time that can be expected?
There are several options of Turnaround time offered by Enago. Please choose your desired turn-around time when choosing a service. Please note, the price of editing services differ according to the Turnaround time you choose.