OA Epidemiology is the official journal of the Netherlands Epidemiology Society.

The journal has the following sections:

Primary Studies      Study Design      Education
Observational Studies Register      Clinical Trials
Early Career Academics      Methods Development
Systematic Reviews

OA Epidemiology is committed to promote transparency in academic research. It is one of the first journals in Epidemiology from which each article is truly accessible by anyone from anywhere.

The journal considers manuscripts in the field of Epidemiology including primary studies, design papers, educational pieces, systematic reviews and methods development.

OA Epidemiology offers a specific platform for researchers at the beginning of their careers to publish their first papers, as we would like to stimulate young researchers to become excited and committed to the field of Epidemiology.

By offering maximum accessibility to high quality ‘peer reviewed’ manuscripts that illustrate the most important and ‘cutting edge’ developments in all areas of epidemiology, we hope that this journal can be a vehicle for promoting Good Epidemiological Practice across the world and facilitate Epidemiology as an independent discipline among the Health Sciences.

ISSN 2053-079X