OA Medical Hypothesis is a multidisciplinary open access 'peer reviewed' journal that publishes both basic and clinical research hypotheses including:

Biomedical Sciences      Medicine      Surgery      Dentistry

Pharmacology      Pathology      Veterinary Medicine

Medical Education      Medical Training      Psychosocial


OA Medical Hypothesis is committed to publishing high quality 'peer reviewed' manuscripts that illustrate the most important and 'cutting edge' thoughts and hypotheses.


OA Medical Hypothesis aims to:

Promote academic dialogue by facilitating international exchange and stimulating fair debate.

Further advance the discipline.

Highlight significant advances in the field.

Provide a focus for research and development.

Challenge pre-conceived and untested ideas within the subject.

Revisit old controversies with new insights.

Educate and promote good practice and disseminate the latest experimental and practical techniques.

Encourage ethical research and transparency in publication by adhering to the Association for Medical Ethics (AME) Ethical Rules of Disclosure.

Bring together knowledge from the different specialties involved in this very broad discipline, from the bench to the bedside and in practice.


We encourage biomedical researchers in all fields to publish results that challenge current models, doctrine or dogmas.


The primary objective of the journal is to serve the needs of this diverse community of researchers, providing a forum for prompt communication of original and innovative research findings by hypothesis formation and testing.


We would hope to provide a forum for true translational research where findings can be applied from 'bench to bedside' for the benefit of global health.


The wide scope of the journal reflects the broad and rapidly expanding nature of the field of hypothesis formation and testing.


ISSN 2053-0781