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Cyberattacks Reported At US Airports


Last week, there was a cyberattack at the Los Angeles International Airport, but it's not clear if any systems were actually compromised. The event serves as a reminder, meanwhile, that even the most protected components of our system can fall victim to hackers.

Authorities Were Able To Halt An Attack On The City's Airport.

Authorities have announced that an attack on the city's airport has been prevented within the past 24 hours. When a group of hackers utilized their expertise to reverse engineer the system and disable all terminal-to-terminal connectivity, the attack was put to an end.

The airport connects aircraft that land at JFK International Airport (JFK) or Newark Liberty International Airport, serving as a vital transit hub for New York City (EWR). Several other airports across the nation are connected to it via its transcontinental flights as well.

The airport is run by BAA Limited, which also manages Heathrow Airport and Stansted Airfield, two other significant airports in London.

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The Attack Has Been Linked To Russian-Speaking Hackers.

Russian-speaking hackers are suspected of being behind the attack.

The hackers are believed to speak Russian and have ties to the Russian government. They are also thought to have been responsible for the city's airport attack.

It Is Still Unclear Whether Systems Were Actually Compromised.

It is not apparent at this time whether any of the systems were truly compromised. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stated that it was monitoring the situation and would offer updates whenever it was deemed necessary; however, it did not provide specifics regarding how it had responded to the attack.

The statement comes at a time when experts in cybersecurity are becoming increasingly concerned about the proliferation of so-called "malware." Malware refers to software that is designed to steal data or do damage, and it has been found in airports all around the world.

In January 2019, a Brazilian airport reported that its control systems were compromised by malware, which caused the systems to malfunction. Officials from the security department stated that they believed this incident was related to a previous incident that took place at an American airport, in which hackers stole personal information from passengers' electronic devices as they passed through security checkpoints.

The Attack Came Shortly Before The End Of President Trump's trip Abroad.

The attack happened on June 29, just a few days before President Trump's overseas trip came to a close. The FBI put a stop to it after stating that it had discovered no evidence that any federal systems had been infiltrated or accessed.

It is still unclear whether systems were actually compromised as a result of this incident; however, experts believe that hackers who speak Russian may have been responsible for taking control of the airport's Wi-Fi networks around the airport and using them to send fake news articles about airplanes being hacked into from Russia or China. That is the reason most standard WiFi routers support VPN because VPN controls the malicious activities done by hackers to steal the credentials. All the well-known areas, like airports, restaurants, etc., take the services of VPN to ensure their data safety.

Despite all the facts, it is still unclear whether systems were actually compromised or not.

Cyberattacks On Important Pieces Of Infrastructure Can Be Debilitating

The effects of a successful cyberattack on a vital part of the physical infrastructure can be devastating. They are capable of causing monetary, physical, and psychological harm. A widespread blackout that would affect millions of people for several days or even months could be caused by a cyberattack on a power grid or a water system. This could happen as a result of the attack.

A cyberattack on the banking system might result in the loss of billions of dollars worth of deposits and make it difficult for companies all over the world to access their assets.

Hackers have also been known to use different cyberattacks as a method for disrupting operations at airports. In one instance, attackers remotely took control of passenger aircraft engines while they were still on the ground. In another instance, they caused flight delays by overriding computer systems at Logan International Airport. In yet another instance, they caused major headaches at airports across the United States by jamming signals designed specifically to interfere with air traffic control (ATC).


As we can see, cyberattacks are now a common occurrence in the 21st century, and their prevalence is only expected to increase as more time passes. It is an honor for us to be of service to our customers while they are traveling, and we pray that they remain safe throughout their journeys.

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