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How Have Hair Loss Treatments Developed Over Time


When hair loss treatments were first introduced, many people were skeptical, including patients. Questions surrounding the effectiveness of the treatments and the cost often put a lot of people off having any procedures. However, now, positive and sustainable change has been introduced. There is more knowledge and awareness about hair loss and the remedies suitable for each patient than there ever has been before.

Accurate Diagnosis

Now, you will find that hair loss specialists and some medical professionals can carry out an accurate diagnosis of what is causing hair loss. As more research has been conducted and published, reasons for hair loss have been discovered, and effective treatments have since been developed.

For instance, age isn’t the only factor at play; a hormonal imbalance could be at the root of hair loss, or it could be due to stress or trauma – diagnosis enables the cause to be determined far more accurately, thanks to medical developments.

Accurate diagnosis of hair loss through scalp biopsies and blood tests has also helped prevention and treatment become more targeted and specialized. With accurate diagnosis, patients can, for example, find out if they are suffering from traction alopecia or alopecia areata.

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More Targeted and Specialized Treatments

Now that more accurate diagnoses can be carried out, tailored and targeted treatments can be performed. For instance, at specialist centers like Harley Street Hair Clinic, patients can have an FUE hair transplant.

This procedure involves taking healthy follicles from an area of the head and then transplanting them to a thinning area. With FUE, healthy follicles are transplanted rather than entire strips. This is a more specialized and focused treatment, so full hair transplants are not required.

Medication is Now Prevalent

In some cases, you may find that you will be a suitable candidate for hair growth medication and treatment, such as hair transplants or FUE. As an alternative to a full hair transplant or FUE, you may find that medication alone can help you get the healthy growth you seek – every patient is different, after all.

Because diagnosis can be accurately performed, specialists have many more options to present to patients. This means that anyone looking at having hair loss treatments will have more choices and greater information to help them make their decision regarding what to do about their hair loss or thinning problem.

Treating Hair Loss is Much More Affordable

When hair loss treatments were first introduced, they were quite expensive, and the cost may have meant they were unaffordable for many patients. Although the cost of treatment should not have hindered patients, it did. However, this is not so much the case now.

There are many more treatments available on payment plans nowadays – and for less than the cost of a vacation. Greater affordability and more realistic prices mean that hair loss treatment has become more attainable by many, not just a fortunate few with deep pockets.

With improved research and the continued development of hair loss treatments, positive developments are predicted for the future too. It’s entirely possible that hair loss prevention and treatment will be easier to access by patients of all ages and not just those of a certain age. After all, hair loss can affect those under 30, so it makes sense for research to continue into this common problem that many people face – no matter their age or sex.

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