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5 Types Of Business Software You Need To Improve Productivity

Starting and running your own business requires you to be efficient with your time and resources, and that’s something you can easily accomplish with the right software in place. There are many types of software out there, from help desk to inventory management systems to computer tracking software, but here are five types of business software that every growing business needs to improve productivity at the office.

Financial Software

This software is most beneficial for small businesses that don’t yet have a dedicated finance department. There are two different options when it comes to financial software: accounting software and point-of-sale (POS) software. Accounting software is designed for calculating your company’s financial status and determining its profitability, among other things. Point-of-sale (POS) software, on the other hand, focuses on tracking all purchases in real time so you can improve inventory management and other crucial aspects of running a business efficiently. Having both types of business software integrated allows you to collect and analyze data easily, which can help you make better decisions as an entrepreneur.

Customer Relationship Management

An application that allows you to manage your clients’ information and activity within your company. By organizing customers into groups and categories, you can quickly view trends within various fields—and find new opportunities for sales and marketing. Some CRMs are stand-alone programs, while others integrate with other aspects of your business software. The most popular is Salesforce, but Intuit offers similar services in QuickBooks Online. Many businesses also use a system like Zoho or Freshbooks as their CRM.

Financial software charts and graphs in front of a man
Financial software charts and graphs in front of a man

Time-Tracking & Collaboration

There are tons of ways you can make your life easier when it comes to working with remote teams, but there's one trick that trumps them all: time-tracking. Time-tracking allows you to monitor how long it takes for employees or contractors to complete tasks, allowing for better allocation of labor and more accurate billing. Most popular project management tools like Basecamp and Trello have built-in time-tracking features (and more specialized solutions like Harvest also exist), so it won't take much effort for your team to start saving a little cash by checking their inboxes less often.

Project Management

To make sure everything is going smoothly, you’ll need to plan well. A project management system is an essential tool for staying on track with a business-related project—like brainstorming a new logo design or developing an app. The best tools are ones that are simple and intuitive enough for your clients (or employees) to understand and appreciate their benefits. For example, Basecamp has a clean, simple interface but also powerful features like timesheets and real-time chat rooms so you can have honest discussions about where tasks stand—before it’s too late. It’s nice because everyone has access regardless of how they choose to communicate; if you want a threaded discussion via email, you can have it.

HR & Recruiting

A good HR system is all about keeping employees engaged and motivated—and, ultimately, that’s what leads to higher productivity. With a solid human resources platform, your company can make it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate with one another, while also providing them with consistent training and development opportunities. This will translate into happier employees who feel like they’re part of a family. If you want your employees to work together in tandem while maximizing their individual potential, great HR software is key.

Computer Tracking Software

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to software. Computer tracking software can help you manage your company’s computers and inventory. While some small businesses will track these things manually, many others find it’s easier—and more efficient—to use a piece of software for tracking purposes.

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