Commitment to Science

The renaissance showed the world that open debate and inquiry were essential to the advancement of thought. As a society matures in its thinking it recognises the need for some heterogeneity (wild type) to keep the captivated strain strong. We are committed to the scientific method and 'disclosure' in research funding streams. We are not against different sources of funding which is hard enough to get but against potential confounding of research results, presentation or methods which may be better appreciated by knowing many of the component drivers.

OA Publishing London and its journal abide by the Association for Medical Ethics Ethical Rules of Disclosure in research and education to reduce confounding and publication bias.


OA Publishing London authors retain the copyright to their work.

When the authors retain the copyrights to their work, they are allowed unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any form of restriction.

In this model, articles are freely downloadable from OA Publishing London website, OA Publishing London journals’ websites or any website supported by OA Publishing London.

In this model, articles and data can be re-used and re-distributed without restrictions, as long as the original work of the authors is clearly and correctly identified and cited.