Commitment to Publication

OA Publishing London (OAPL) is committed to the principles underlying the PIE guidelines. We provide extensive guidelines and training for our editors and reviewers to promote the highest quality peer-review. We are committed to true 'open access' publishing and full disclosure of research funding.

We are committed to providing the leading industry standard of care to our authors, reviewers and editors to help them succeed. Our 'In House' team of specialists will provide support and mentorship to our journal's editorial boards to help them maximise their publishing potential. Our artists and graphic designers will assist the journal design and article layout to maximise the impact of its contents which the authors' provide and peer reviewers' quality assure. We believe in the free flow of information which is the 'life blood' of innovation and technological advancement as well as in the cultivation of thought processes, we hope one day, will formulate the ideal question.


We will provide 'cost effective' and commercially competitive solutions to institutions to allow submissions by their researchers. We will 'fast track' ground breaking research for rapid dissemination, critique and comment. We will facilitate journal portability for traditional 'in-print' journals and copyright allowing back cataloguing of articles for accessibility and tracking. Furthermore we will facilitate the many of our journals which will represent learned societies and their scientific output and debate. We are committed to competition which may be the driving force for natural selection and hope to evolve with the emerging markets to produce a higher standard of 'open Access' publishing. We will aim to make articles accessible in mobility formats for rapid review and assimilation. We will promote debate and commentary.

We have developed business models to allow the sustainability of this publication process which can be both cost-effective and competitive as well as providing a cutting edge knowledge gateway for researchers anywhere. We promote the PIE guidelines and have a mature understanding of ethics, research protocols, consenting, plagiarism and para-phraseology.