Gold Open Access from OA Publishing London

Gold Open Access Publishing: Authors publish in an open access journal that provides immediate OA to all of its articles on the publisher's website.


By 'open access', OA Publishing London refers to the free availability of peer-reviewed literature on the worldwide internet, permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full manuscripts. However, when using the published material, a full credit should be given to the author(s) this material belongs to; hence referencing of the article is compulsory.


The cost of many journals is often so high that many authors’ institutions cannot afford to purchase the journal in which the article is printed. This obviously does not benefit society as a whole. The available literature at present is disjointed in focus and inaccessible for the majority of researchers.  Our 'Open Access' vision believes that research can become interconnected and develop coherence and be globally and freely available. Our 'Open Access' library of journals will be freely available online worldwide and does not rely upon the traditional subscription-based business model to generate revenue.