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Open Access Publishing London (OAPL) is an independent open-access medical and scientific London-based publishing house committed to providing a 'peer reviewed' platform to outstanding researchers and scientists to exhibit their findings for the furtherance of science to provoke debate and provide an educational forum.

Our 'in-house' team consists of prominent scientists, physicians, librarians and economists to ensure that our vision of 'open access' publishing is viable and becomes a thriving entity which is self-sustaining.


We firmly believe in editorial independence and the need to create a freedom for investigative expression which is based in the scientific method and which promotes core scientific and ethical values. We hope to work with our editors, reviewers and authors to create journals which will be accessible wherever wired and wireless internet is available.

We will provide a 'cost effective' solution for 'peer reviewed' research dissemination within the framework of the Publication Integrity and Ethics (PIE) guidelines. We will facilitate and support all our users to create success by encouraging excellence by example.

We will establish a 'mentorship' programme for new editors and reviewers as well as providing detailed instructions to submitting authors with 'tips' and examples of what constitutes a successful manuscript.


Please see The OAPL Press Centre for the most recent announcements of the Publishing Director, Medical Director and all our Senior Editors.


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