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Kumar L, Gupta A, Singh S, Usurmarthi P. Accidental introduction of large foreign body in the rectum: Case report. OA Case Reports 2013 Nov 15;2(14):133.


Intentional or unintentional insertion of a rectal foreign body (FB) is not uncommon and often poses serious challenge to the clinician. FB can be inserted in rectum for various purposes; sexual perversion is the most common. Diagnosis of rectal foreign bodies is usually made by history, digital examination of the rectum, sigmoidoscopy and roentgenography. Majority (90%) of the cases are treated by transanal retrieval. Laparotomy is only required in impacted foreign body and or with perforation peritonitis. We are reporting an unusual circumstance, purely accidental trans-anal introduction of a large metal glass into the rectum and review of literature in brief.

Corresponding Author

Dr Drlokendra Choudhary [E-Mail: lokendrachoudhary1982@gmail.com]