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Patel N. Corticotomy assisted orthodontics: A review of surgical technique and literature. OA Dentistry 2014 Feb 25;2(1):3.


Introduction: Corticotomy assisted orthodontic treatment is a promising procedure, the development of which has offered solutions to many orthodontic limitations. This technique has been shown to decrease orthodontic treatment times by a third in some cases. The technique involves selective alveolar decortication in the form of cortical cuts or perforations performed around teeth to be moved.

Methods: Electronic search of the literature directly relating to surgically assisted tooth movement with corticotomy. The searches were carried out up to the first week in December 2013.

Conclusion: Review of literature has shown the potential of corticotomy techniques in improving orthodontic outcomes. The quality of evidence available at present however is low and is mainly centred on case reports

Corresponding Author

Neil Patel, Academic Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery, The University of Manchester, School of Dentistry, Coupland 3 Building, Coupland Street, Manchester, M13 9PL. Email: Neil.Patel@cmft.nhs.uk