For citation purposes: Lasschuit DA, Kuzmich D, Caplan GA. Treatment of cellulitis in hospital in the home: a systematic review. OA Dermatology 2014 Jan 18;2(1):2.

Systematic review

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Treatment of cellulitis in hospital in the home: a systematic review

DA Lasschuit,, D Kuzmich, GA Caplan,,

Authors affiliations

(1) Department of Geriatric Medicine,

(2) Post Acute Care Services Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, NSW 2031, Australia

(3) Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052 Australia

* Corresponding author Email: danielle.lasschuit@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU



Hospital in the home is increasing in popularity due to concerns around cost, safety and limited inpatient hospital beds. This disease-specific systematic review aims to evaluate the efficacy of hospital in the home for the treatment of cellulitis.

Materials and Methods

Thirty-nine relevant articles, including nine randomised controlled trials, were included in this review.


Once-daily intravenous dosing regimens (e.g. with cefazolin-probenecid) have been shown to be safe, well tolerated and efficacious for cellulitis. Compared with inpatient care, the mean duration of treatment in hospital in the home is similar, but is delivered at almost half the cost. Patient and carer satisfaction with home-based care is high. Hospital in the home may be preferable in older patients, due to lower incidence of geriatric complications such as delirium.


Treatment of cellulitis in hospital in the home is practical, safe, well tolerated and efficacious.

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