For citation purposes: Megremi ASF. Autism Spectrum Disorders through the lens of complex-dynamic systems theory. OA Autism 2014 May 22;2(1):10.

Critical review

Effective Clinical Care

Autism Spectrum Disorders through the lens of complex-dynamic systems theory.

A Megremi

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(1) Ilion Socio-Medical Center, University Hospital "Attikon", Athens, Greece

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Autism spectrum disorders are significantly increased in recent decades. Also, it is about a disorder whose aetiology and pathogenesis are largely unknown or unidentifiable. Principles from complex-dynamic systems theory and systems biology could contribute to understand such a complex and multidimensional disease. Aspects about autism, which are emerged from the complex-dynamic systems theory, are discussed and possible hypotheses are formulated.


Autism consideration via complex-dynamic systems approach unfolds the complexity and multidimensionality of the disorder. This approach may help in pathogenesis understanding and the nature course of the disease. Possible predictive factors, also, it is possible to be recognized. New perspectives about disease origin may emerge and personalized therapeutic strategies for each patient may develop. On the other hand, preventive programs may take place. Finally, the aim of autism spectrum disorders therapy must be the maintenance and the increase, if it is possible, of organism complexity and variety, through personalized practices.

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