For citation purposes: Mahajan A, Patil S, Kakar S. Replaced right hepatic artery from superior mesenteric artery: A case report. OA Anatomy 2014 Jul 18;2(2):19.

Case report

Clinical Anatomy

Replaced right hepatic artery from superior mesenteric artery: A case report.

A Mahajan, S Patil, S Kakar

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(1) Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India

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During liver transplantation or any surgical or diagnostic procedures, knowledge of hepatic arterial anatomy is essential. Vascular anomalies are usually asymptomatic, until they interfere with the blood supply to the viscera. They are diagnosed accidentally during surgeries and diagnostic angiography. Such variations are frequently encountered in the abdominal vessels.

Case report

The present case was reported in an adult male cadaver in the Department of Anatomy Maulana Azad Medical College during the routine dissection of the abdomen. We observed replaced right hepatic (A replaced hepatic artery is a vessel that does not originate from an orthodox position and provides the sole supply to that lobe) in an adult male cadaver during routine dissection. The left artery gave three branches to supply the left lobe of liver. The right hepatic artery arose from the superior mesenteric artery.


This present case may provide valuable information for surgeons and radiologists as discrimination of normal arterial pattern from the variant is a key for safe and effective surgery

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