For citation purposes: Samtani R. Epigenetics and autism: Insights for future research. OA Autism 2014 Jul 18;2(2):14.

Critical review

Diagnosis Advancements

Epigenetics and autism: Insights for future research.

R Samtani

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(1) Amity Institute of Anthropology, Amity University, India

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Autism is approaching the numbers of an epidemic. Past efforts have focused on identifying the genetic basis of Autism Spectrum disorders with minimal success. Recently, a lot of work is being carried out in Epigenetics, Nutrigenetics in order to analyse the cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The present paper reviews the various studies being conducted in this domain and provide recommendations for further studies in this area.


As DNA methylation marks are reversible and dynamic, there is a possibility of reversing these marks by dietary intake of methyl donors and pharmacological agents which can therefore help in diagnosis and eventual treatment of autism.

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