For citation purposes: Darlenski R, Demerdjieva Z, Kazandjieva J, Tsankov N. Systemic contact dermatitis to nickel. OA Dermatology 2014 Apr 11;2(1):7.


Laboratory & Clinical Investigations

Systemic contact dermatitis to nickel.

R Darlenski, Z Demerdjieva, J Kazandjieva, N Tsankov

Authors affiliations

(1) Department of dermatology and venereology, Tokuda Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria

(2) Department of dermatology and venereology, Medical Faculty, Medical University-Sofia, Bulgaria

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Nickel is one of the most common contact allergens in the modern world. Nickel allergy prevalence is constantly growing in many countries and represents a major health and socio-economical issue. In certain cases of nickel hypersensitive patients the allergic subjects could be challenged by the allergen not by direct skin contact but when the allergen is introduced to the organism by transmucosal, oral, intravenous, intramuscular, or inhalational route instead. Such process is known as systemic contact dermatitis. This review is devoted on this issue, its causes, clinical manifestations and treatment.


Although not being common in the general dermatological practice systemic contact dermatitis to nickel should be suspected and recognized by clinicians.

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