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Mankal PK, Abed J, Posina SD, Bukhari S, Engelson ES, Kotler DP. Comparison of patient and doctor perceptions of barriers to hepatitis C treatment: a survey and literature review. OA Hepatology 2014 Jan 18;2(1):1.


Background/Aims: Although Hepatitis C (HCV) infection is widespread, only a minority of patients receives the currently standard of care. The rationale for this disparity may be multifactorial. However, overcoming known psychosocial barriers, particularly in the doctor-patient relationship, remains essential in providing HCV care. In this cross-sectional study, we aim to not only identify these perceived barriers in treating our HCV-prevalent population from both patients and physicians’ responses, but also cross-analyze for association between the two cohorts’ perceptions. Methods: We surveyed 100 patients and their physicians, anonymously and separately, during their visit to our outpatient hepatology clinic about their views on twelve psychosocial barriers. Results: Differences in perceptions of patients and their doctors regarding medical adherence (p<0.001), substance abuse (p=0.01), knowledge of risks (p=0.046), and social support (p<0.001) were found in patients undergoing evaluation and not yet treated, but were not evident when comparing to patients with Hepatitis C that have already initiated treatment. Conclusion: Using the above information, we hope to plan smarter road maps for successful HCV treatment delivery to reduce and bridge these barriers.

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