For citation purposes: Kumar V, Veernnasetty VK, Raghavendra AY. Bifid rib and an additional intercostal space: A case report. OA Anatomy 2014 Nov 01;2(3):29.

Case report

Clinical Anatomy

Bifid rib and an additional intercostal space: A case report.

K Vishal, K Vinay, A Raghavendra

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(1) K S Hegde Medical Academy , Nitte University, Mangalore, India.

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Bifid rib with an additional intercostal space is quite rare anomaly. This may be due to defect in the process of segmentation of the developing somites. These anomalies may remain asymptomatic, can create misinterpretation during radiological or physical examinations.

Case Report

During the routine dissection of adult male cadaver for undergraduate medical students we observed a variation of bifurcation of anterior end of left fourth rib and corresponding costal cartilage. These bifurcated ends were joined together to form a small circular additional intercostal space. On close examination we found that it contained blood vessels and nerves derived from left fourth intercostals space and layers of intercostal muscles.


The knowledge about these variations will be helpful to reduce incidence of misinterpretation during radiological and physical examination.

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