For citation purposes: Yeung CY, Chu CH. A review of the eruption of primary teeth. OA Dentistry 2014 Apr 11;2(1):7.


Oral Biology

A review of the eruption of primary teeth.

C Chu, C Yeung

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(1) Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong

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Eruption of deciduous teeth remains a rather sophisticated process. This paper gives a general overview of the process and explores on its implications.


Eruption of deciduous teeth may be divided into pre-eruptive tooth movement, eruptive tooth movement and post-occlusal tooth movement. Emergence of deciduous teeth is usually accompanied by teething symptoms. Mechanisms for eruption are still not entirely apparent. Proposed mechanisms included root elongation, hydrostatic pressure, periodontal ligament traction, bone remodeling and genetic pre-programming / cellular-molecular determinants.

Discussion and Conclusion

Understanding of the eruption of deciduous teeth made possible age estimation for children, shed light on management of teething issues and likely point towards a treatment philosophy of minimal intervention with definite building blocks of close observation and monitoring.

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