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Bertoli E, Kutkut A, Pinto-Sinai G, Fuentealba R, Frazer R. Comparison between conventional complete dentures and implant retained mandibular overdentures: A review of literature. OA Dentistry 2014 May 12;2(1):8.


Purpose:This review article was conducted to analyze the available literature to compare efficacy, satisfaction and quality of life between conventional complete dentures (CCD) and mandibular overdentures (OD) retained by two unsplinted dental implants.

Methods:An electronic search was conducted for key terms include: “complete dentures” or “conventional dentures” and “overdentures” or “implant retained dentures”. Abstracts were analyzed by two investigators to determine the articles that clearly compared the two modalities of treatment. These abstracts were then classified according to the level of evidence and study design by 2 calibrated investigators who had agreement on the classification. All papers involved in the final search were appraised to detect for methodological flaws and supported conclusions.

Results: A total of 400 articles were obtained from the initial search.A total of 44 article abstracts were initially included for further investigation. Subsequently, fifteen abstracts comparing the two modalities of treatment were selected and reviewed in full. Following this step, 5 articles were excluded from this review due to methodological flaws and no supported conclusions; ten articles were included in this review. This included 7 randomized control trials (RCT), 2 case control studies and 1 cross-sectional study.

Conclusion: Overall, patients treated with an OD retained by 2 unsplinted mandibular implants scored higher in satisfaction, quality of life, comfort, function and bite force than patients treated with a CCD. Further randomized control trials utilizingvalidated questionnaires, such as the OHIP, are necessary to evaluate these two modalities of treatment.

Corresponding Author