For citation purposes: Polat M, Uzun ?. Vitamin D in dermatology. OA Dermatology 2014 Jun 18;2(1):9.



Vitamin D in dermatology.

M Polat, Ö Uzun

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(1) Abant Izzet Baysal University, Medical Facuty, Department of Dermatology, Turkey

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Vitamin D is classically known for its role in calcium homeostasis and bone mineralization. However, recent studies have shown that vitamin D is important in numerous physiological processes, including the modulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis, and in neuromuscular, hormonal, and immune functions. On the other hand, vitamin D may also play a role in multiple chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infections. In this review, we focus on vitamin D and skin disease.


Long-term and interdisciplinary clinical studies are needed, and the potential for side effects should be considered in order to determine whether vitamin D is safe for extended use.

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