For citation purposes: Gold HL, Smith GP. Clinical significance of p155 antibody in dermatomyositis. OA Dermatology 2013 Aug 01;1(1):1.

Critical review

Laboratory & Clinical Investigations

Clinical significance of p155 antibody in dermatomyositis.

H Gold, G Smith ,

Authors affiliations

(1) Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel

(2) Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

(3) Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

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Dermatomyositis is associated with an increased risk of malignancy, however, universal screening guidelines are not established. Recently the p155 antibody has been reported, along with an association with malignancy in dermatomyositis. The aim of this paper is to review the literature on the p155 antibody in DM and explore the implications this new marker may have in the clinical setting.

Materials and methods

We performed a Pubmed search, analysing all papers and those referenced within them for p155 antibody and dermatomyositis.


A comprehensive review of the literature shows that p155 antibody is found at an increased incidence in dermatomyositis patients with underlying malignancy of any type, as well as in juvenile dermatomyositis and in those with more severe cutaneous involvement.


We conclude that p155 antibody may help clinicians diagnose juvenile dermatomyositis and identify those at risk for more severe disease. Although promising, further investigation is required to determine its role in cancer screening.

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