For citation purposes: ?uhadar S. Preanalytical variables and factors that interfere with the biochemical parameters: A review. OA Biotechnology 2013 Jun 01;2(2):19.


Physiology & Biochemistry

Preanalytical variables and factors that interfere with the biochemical parameters: a review

S Çuhadar

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Department of Clinical Chemistry, Katip Çelebi University, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

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The total testing process, which begins with the order of the physician, includes the preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical phases and ends with the results ready for interpretation. To obtain a reliable test result requires detection of all steps however, to control the preanalytical stage is such a complex way that much of the steps are human dependent and out of the laboratory's control thus occupies the most erroneous part of the total testing. The worst side is that the error in that stage often becomes apparent in the analytical or postanalytical phase.

The aim is to highlight the multifactorial human dependent erroneous stage that affects the biochemical routine test results, which can be easily prevented with awareness and laboratory staff education. We will concentrate on the preanalytical errors which include specimen type selection, blood collection, blood collection equipments and the factors interfering with biochemical tests.


The quality of the analytical phase increased due to the interest, tight control and following the quality procedures both internal and external established by the medical laboratories and manufacturers.

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