For citation purposes: Sanders Jr. RC, Irby K. State-of-the-art paediatric airway management. OA Critical Care 2013 Jul 01;1(1):10.

Critical review

Anaesthesiology, Perioperative & Critical Care Medicine

State-of-the-art paediatric airway management

RC Sanders Jr., K Irby

Authors affiliations

Department of Paediatrics, Section of Paediatric Critical Care, UAMS/Arkansas Children's Hospital, Arkansas, USA

*Corresponding author



The management of the paediatric airway has its own challenges compared to the adult airway. Recently, new tools have become available in managing airways during diagnostic tests and/or procedures. It is prudent for the paediatric provider to understand what the state-of-the-art is in regards to handling the airways in children and what strategies exist to address emergent issues that arise. The aim of this review was to discuss state-of-the-art paediatric airway management.


The principal goal of managing the paediatric airway is to maintain patency, in order to optimize oxygenation and ventilation. Careful evaluation needs to be performed in determining whether the administration of systemic analgesics and sedatives is safe in preparation for advanced airway procedures. The ideal paediatric respiratory condition to have a planned approach for is the ‘Difficult Mask Ventilation’ scenario.

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