For citation purposes: Bonasia DE, Dettoni F, Bruzzone M, Bertolo C, Rossi R. Single bundle anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Indications, technique and results. OA Sports Medicine 2013 Aug 01;1(2):13.

Injury & Reconstruction of Ligaments

Single bundle anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Indications, technique and results

DE Bonasia, F Dettoni, M Bruzzone, C Bertolo, R Rossi

Authors affiliations

(1) University of Torino, AO Città della salute e della Scienza, CTO Hospital, Torino, Italy

(2) University of Torino, Mauriziano Umberto I Hospital, Torino, Italy

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common injury and more than 100,000 ACL reconstruction procedures are performed in the United States every year. Although widely accepted and investigated, ACL reconstruction still continues to evolve and many technical issues are under debate. They mainly include: 1) graft selection, 2) surgical technique (double versus single bundle) and 3) femoral tunnel drilling in single bundle ACL reconstruction. In this review, the authors describe the indications, surgical technique and results of anatomic ACL reconstruction. The controversies are also discussed, through a recent literature review.


After an ACL tear, three possible treatment options are available: 1) conservative treatment, 2) acute ACL reconstruction (within the first six weeks) and 3) chronic reconstruction. Patient’s age, profession and activity level need to be carefully evaluated to correctly plan the treatment.


To achieve good results and high satisfaction rates, correct treatment has to be tailored to meet the patient’s needs, profession, activity level, age and sports. Considering the literature review, many issues regarding ACL reconstruction are still under debate and need to be clarified with high quality studies.

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