For citation purposes: Parekh PJ, Shams R, Ryan MJ, Johnson DA. Alcoholic hepatitis: an update on best practice medicine. OA Hepatology 2013 Jul 01;1(1):5.


Chronic Hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis: an update on best practice medicine

PJ Parekh, R Shams, MJ Ryan, DA Johnson

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(1) Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, United States

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Alcoholic hepatitis, with its significant associated morbidity and mortality, remains a plague affecting the United States. Several advancements have been made in the field of alcohol-associated liver disease, yet the pathophysiology behind alcoholic hepatitis remains uncertain. The major barrier in attempting to better understand the pathophysiology and ultimately reduce the associated morbidity and mortality lies in the limited available data. This article reviews the proposed pathophysiology of alcoholic hepatitis, its prognostic indicators, mechanism for use of corticosteroids and pentoxifylline, hepatorenal syndrome, the importance of nutritional status and future considerations in therapy.


It is evident that further research is necessary to better understand the pathogenesis of alcoholic hepatitis and identify therapeutic targets to ultimately reduce the significant associated morbidity and mortality.

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