For citation purposes: Grunfeld R, Aydogan U, Juliano P, Bustillo J. Ankle arthritis: Diagnosis and conservative management. OA Musculoskeletal Medicine 2013 Dec 20;1(4):32.



Ankle arthritis: diagnosis and conservative management

R Grunfeld, U Aydogan, P Juliano, J Bustillo

Authors affiliations

Penn State College of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania, USA

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The ankle joint is the most commonly injured joint in the body and absorbs more force per square centimetre than any other joint. However, the incidence of ankle arthritis is nine times less common than symptomatic arthritis in the knee and hip. This paper reviews ankle arthritis.


Post-traumatic arthritis is the most common form of ankle osteoarthritis. The most current literature on the diagnosis and non-surgical management of ankle arthritis, including physical examination, radiographic parameters, advanced imaging and treatment modalities are reviewed.


This paper gives an overview of the most recent literature to assist physicians in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of ankle osteoarthritis

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