What duties does an author have?

Authors will submit original work.

Authors will be timely in their communications with OA Publishing London.

Authors are advised to closely adhere to the 'Guide to Authors' to prevent submission return.


What will authors do in situations of conflict of interests or competing interests?

Authors will declare any conflict of interests to OA Publishing London.

Authors will declare any competing interests to OA Publishing London.


What legal considerations should authors be aware of?

Authors will be responsible for obtaining all consent and institutional approvals, the details of which should be included in the submission.

Authors will accept liability for copyright infringement and legal liability of submitted articles.

Authors will be permitted the right to use only their own published material for other purposes but OA Publishing London will assert its copyrights to freely use any published material from its journals without restriction.

Any disputes must use the in-house procedure to resolve matters.

Authors will be aware of libel and defamation legislation.