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Axillary View Shoulder – What Is It And Why Is It Important?

The axillary view shoulder is a supplemental projection to the lateral scapula view for acquiring orthogonal pictures of the axial projection shoulder.

For each view, radiology personnel should record the location of the patient and the x-ray beam relative to the patient.

Each setup is photographed on the left.

To get a close-up view, move your mouse over the image.

On the right, you can see the comparable radiograph.

The patient lies supine, with an attendant gradually abducting his shoulder around 70 degrees.

The X-ray cassette is placed above the shoulder.

X-ray The beam is aimed from inferior to superior into the afflicted axilla.

It shows the glenohumeral joint, the acromioclavicular joint, the acromion, and the coracoid process.

The best view is to demonstrate glenohumeral dislocation, a minor tuberosity fracture, or an acromial abnormality such as mesoacromion.

Modified axillary lateral views for the acutely damaged shoulder have been reported but are outside the scope of this discussion.

Axillary View X-Ray Positioning

When analyzing dislocations and glenohumeral instability, the axial view gives extra information, especially if they are not visible on a typical AP view.

If placement is challenging, the inferior-superior axial view might be used instead.

  • The patient is situated near the image receptor
  • Image receptor located in the mid-thoracic region
  • The afflicted arm is abducted, with the elbow on the detector.
  • The arm must be abducted enough to place the glenohumeral joint in the center of the image detector (the patient may need to lean slightly)
  • The patient's head should be inclined away from the afflicted side (and slightly forward if feasible); check your collimation light to guarantee that the patient's head will not be irradiated.

Standing Axillary Shoulder View

This image should show the upper arm's bones and soft tissue, especially the whole length of the humerus, elbow and shoulder joints, and epicondyles without rotation.

The patient should be sat straight or standing, with their back shoulder resting on the bucky.

The patient's breathing should be stopped for the exposure duration.

Abduct the arm slightly and supinate the hand.

The coronal epicondyle plane and the image receptor plane should be parallel.

Perpendicular to the image receptor and aimed towards the middle region of the humerus and the image receptor's center.

Axillary View Shoulder Dislocation

The glenohumeral joint dislocation separates the humerus from the glenoid of the scapula.

Age affects sex distribution and incidence. Younger male patients commonly have sports-related injuries.

Shoulder discomfort and mobility limitation are common. Most shoulder dislocations result from trauma, such as sports injuries, assaults, seizures, or falls.

Dislocations may be acute, chronic, or recurring.

The shoulder is very mobile, sacrificing stability for usefulness.

Shallow glenoid fossa, weak glenohumeral ligaments, and superfluous capsule make it dislocate.

It's the most displaced big joint overall.

Half of emergency room shoulder dislocations are of the shoulder.

Trauma causes shoulder dislocation virtually often.

Abducted and externally rotated shoulders are weakest.

Common causes include sports injuries and car accidents.

Prior shoulder injury, especially dislocation, increases risk.

Dislocation disrupts labrum, joint capsule, ligaments, and muscles.

The anterior capsule, anterior labrum, or biceps tendon might be injured in anterior dislocations.

Saucer-shaped glenoid extends from the scapula. Its form limits joint bone support.

The cartilaginous labrum and rotator cuff muscles support the glenoid.

Younger patients have stronger labrums, capsules, and ligaments.

A shoulder x-ray series is usually adequate to establish the diagnosis, but CT and MR are typically needed to screen for glenoid rim fractures or ligamentous/tendinous injuries.

A doctor is holding and looking at human X-ray results
A doctor is holding and looking at human X-ray results

People Also Ask

How Do You Hang Axillary Shoulders?

The position is across the cassettes such that the person's hand is chromed and their elbow is bent at a ninety-degree angle.

Why We Do Shoulder Axial View?

When evaluating for glenohumeral instability, the shoulder's superior-inferior (SI) axial image is taken to offer extra information and highlight the link between the glenoid cavity and the humerus.

What Is Axillary View Xray?

The patient is prone, and assistance gently abducts their shoulder at roughly 70 degrees.

The X-ray cassette is situated above the patient's shoulder in this view. X-ray Beam.

A beam of X-rays is directed into the afflicted axilla, moving from lower to higher.

What Is Shoulder Axillary View?

A supplemental projection, known as the axial shoulder view, may be used in conjunction with the lateral scapula view to producing orthogonal to the AP shoulder.

It is an excellent projection to evaluate possible dislocations, disease of the proximal humerus, and abnormalities of the glenohumeral articular surface.


Even in otherwise healthy people, obtaining this projection may result in significant suffering.

Patients with dislocations or substantial glenohumeral damage may not be good candidates for the typical axial view because of how it is described.

It is possible that performing a modified trauma axial projection of the glenohumeral joint is the most appropriate course of action in these scenarios.

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