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CBD For PTSD - Does CBD Work For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

CBD for PTSD - PTSD is a debilitating ailment that affects the body, mind, and soul. It is caused by a breakdown of the brain's "extinction process," which reduces the impact of traumatic memories. It is marked by symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and sadness, and is sometimes accompanied by alcohol or substance misuse. It occurs as a result of direct or witnessing exposure to a very traumatic incident. Using CBD for PTSD has been confirmed to work effectively by multiple researchers, making it one of the most effective treatments.

Despite the numerous reports that cannabis provides relief from symptoms, veterans with PTSD appear to be at a higher risk of developing high-THC cannabis dependence, which has been the topic of several research. Recent research demonstrates that using CBD for PTSD can treat the symptoms safely and efficiently without causing psychoactivity, and it also highlights a relationship between the endocannabinoid system and the brain's processing of traumatic memories.

Does CBD Help With PTSD?

Anyone who has experienced a traumatic trauma can get PTSD. Although those who work in the public sector, such as soldiers, police officers, and firefighters, are at a higher risk of developing PTSD, it can impact anyone.

Anxiety, increased sensory sensitivity, disorientation, amnesia, exhaustion, sadness, headaches, and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Returning painful memories is another symptom of PTSD, and it can trigger a panic attack.

Using CBD for PTSD, whether by chance or not, can help relieve, or at the very least manage, the aforementioned symptoms while also addressing the main issue.

We need to go over the interactions between CBD and CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system in order to fully comprehend that mechanism (ECS).

The brain and central nervous system have the largest concentrations of CB1 receptors. CBD can alleviate anxiety, improve sleep, stabilize mood, and boost alertness by indirectly activating CB1 and serotonin receptors.

Furthermore, CBD regulates the release of stress hormones, blocks mood receptors that are weakened by stressful stimuli, and prevents flashbacks by targeting cannabinoid receptors in the immune system.

Finally, CBD may aid in the reprogramming of a person's brain to respond to specific stimuli in traumatic situations. Overall, CBD treatment for PTSD appears to be beneficial from a variety of perspectives, reducing mental symptoms while also improving physical health.

A Caucasian man wearing a military camo uniform sitting with both hands to his forehead while looking down
A Caucasian man wearing a military camo uniform sitting with both hands to his forehead while looking down

Can CBD Be Used For Depression From PTSD?

Chronic episodes and recurring flashbacks frequently accompany PTSD, which can lead to despair. While the effects of CBD are still being studied, the cannabinoid appears to target the same receptors as antidepressants.

CBD, for instance, works in a similar way as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). CBD appears to have a favorable influence on serotonin levels in the brain, according to research. Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that, among other things, regulates mood. Depression and low mood are linked to low levels of serotonin. While CBD does not directly promote the creation of serotonin, studies suggest that it may modify the activation of serotonin receptors, allowing the brain to process the serotonin it already has more efficiently.

CBD, as previously indicated, aids in the management of stress and anxiety, two key components of PTSD sadness. PTSD patients are especially vulnerable to everyday stimuli. If you suffer from stress-related depression, CBD may be beneficial.

Another significant benefit of using CBD for PTSD is its capacity to enhance the plasticity of the hippocampus. Memory, emotional processing, cognitive performance, and mood stability are all controlled by the hippocampus, a brain area. Flashbacks, learning difficulties, low mood, and suicidal thoughts may all be symptoms of a shrinking hippocampus. Long-term CBD treatment has been proven to enhance the plasticity of the hippocampus, resulting in less symptoms.

How Can CBD Be Used For PTSD?

When it comes to assessing CBD's usefulness for PTSD, several studies have looked at different types of CBD. Oral or sublingual CBD was employed in certain research, whereas topical CBD was used in others.

Patients with PTSD who took CBD capsules along with behavioral therapy improved their symptoms, according to a 2019 study.

The topical administration of CBD oil was effective for insomnia in a child with PTSD, according to the aforementioned case study from 2016.

Finally, a 2018 assessment of the evidence suggests that a cannabis treatment for PTSD that combines CBD and THC may be the most beneficial.

We advise you to experiment with different kinds of CBD to find the best ways to use CBD for PTSD. For expert counsel, dose guidance, and to avoid potential interactions with antidepressants and other PTSD medicines, seek the assistance of a doctor who is familiar with cannabis use.

A Caucasian woman a blue t-shirt and a black pant laying on a carpet with her eyes half closed
A Caucasian woman a blue t-shirt and a black pant laying on a carpet with her eyes half closed

What CBD Dosage And Delivery Methods Can Be Used For PTSD?

Patients should collaborate with a health care provider that has experience suggesting CBD or medicinal cannabis to establish and fine-tune dosage and delivery strategies for them. At the same time, well-informed patients can act as their own health consultants.

Always begin with a microdose to determine sensitivity, then gradually increase your dosage within the dosing range based on your body weight until symptoms disappear. PTSD is usually treated with a micro to normal dose. Myrcene and linalool, a terpene found in lavender, have a more soothing impact and can aid sleep.

High-THC indica-dominant strains can help with sleep problems or generate a relaxing and sedating effect. It is recommended that each dose contain no more than 5–10 mg of THC. Sativa strains can cause hyperactivity and detachment, so stay away from these. To avoid too much psychoactivity, try products with a higher CBD content and a ratio greater than 20:1. If this fails, THC can be gradually added to the treatment, moving toward a 1:1 ratio.

While CBD-rich products may aid in sleep for some, they may also boost alertness in others. THC, particularly from heavier broad-leaf indica "Kush" strains and purple cannabis variations, is quite useful for sleep difficulties when taken orally. These are high in myrcene and linalool, a terpene related to lavender that has been shown to help people relax. When patients report excessive psychoactivity, a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC can be utilized to help them relax.

Vaporizing or smoking are good options for fast delivery. This can aid with waking up during a rest period, but it only lasts one to three hours. Most ingested products take thirty to sixty minutes to take action (faster on an empty stomach) and last six to eight hours, whereas medications have an instant effect. Vaporizers with a CO2 concentrate cartridge are quite effective, and they come in a variety of CBD to THC ratios. Herbal vaporizers that employ the entire plant are another good option. In comparison to inhaled medications, sublingual sprays or tinctures administered as liquid drops have a faster onset and last longer.

Many patients use concentrated types of cannabis oil orally, either in capsule form or by mixing it into their food, when substantial amounts are required (nut butters seem to work well). A CO2-extraction technique produces the finest, most powerful concentrates.

An opened brown tincture bottle with its dropper laying beside it sitting beside a closed brown ticture bottle with a blurred cannabis leaf in the background
An opened brown tincture bottle with its dropper laying beside it sitting beside a closed brown ticture bottle with a blurred cannabis leaf in the background

Final Thoughts

People can develop PTSD after witnessing a sad occurrence or any other traumatic event.

While there are a number of established treatments for this illness, such as therapy and pharmaceutical medicine, evidence suggests that CBD may also help.

Anxiety, stress, and sadness may all be reduced by CBD. Other advantages of CBD's interaction with the endocannabinoid system include enhanced focus, sleep patterns, emotional stability, resistance to traumatic memories, and more.

Researchers are currently figuring out the best form of CBD to use for anxiety-related illnesses, such as an isolation, a full-spectrum extract, or in equal ratios with THC. If you're thinking about using CBD for PTSD for the first time, we recommend speaking with a holistic medical professional who can guide you through the process. A consultation with a trained physician might also assist you in avoiding pharmaceutical interactions.

People Also Ask

Can CBD Be Used For PTSD?

CBD oil applied to the skin significantly addressed anxiety and sleeping problems in a child with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a 2016 study. According to a 2018 review, combining THC and CBD to treat PTSD symptoms may be beneficial.

Does CBD Help With Anxiety And PTSD?

A 400 milligram (mg) dose of CBD or a placebo was delivered to the participants. CBD users had lower anxiety levels in general. CBD has been demonstrated in a number of recent studies to help with PTSD symptoms like nightmares and reliving negative memories.

How Do You Calm Down PTSD?

Meditation, deep breathing, massage, and yoga are all relaxing techniques that can help with PTSD symptoms. Drinking and using drugs should be avoided. You could be tempted to self-medicate with drink or drugs when you're dealing with challenging emotions or terrible experiences.

Can Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Be Cured?

Although there is no cure for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there are a variety of treatments that can help. There are a variety of treatment options available, as well as evidence that medicine can help persons suffering with PTSD symptoms.

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