- OAPL declares no financial gain from Enago. Enago will charge authors directly for the English language improvement services.

- OAPL realizes that, for non-English speakers, manuscript copy-editing may be necessary not only to benefit the author but more importantly the reader.

- OAPL does not condone changes to the scientific content of the manuscript but only to the language, syntax, grammar and punctuation.

- The use of Enago (English copy-editing) services will not guarantee acceptance of a submitted manuscript to an OAPL journal.

- OAPL, although recommends Enago for English copy-editing services, realizes that there are other service providers which authors may wish to review.

- This service has been commended purely from the positive personal experience of some of our editors-in-chief.

- The presence of the “Enago” logo on the OAPL website does not constitute any responsibility of OAPL for services rendered by Enago or its agents.