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Ecdysterone - What Is It And How Does It Affect Our Body?

Muscle size and strength may both be increased by taking in ecdysterone, a naturally occurring chemical found in some plants and insects. If you want to get more out of your workouts, you might want to try taking an ecdysterone supplement.

It is possible to increase muscle mass and strength without the use of supplements or steroids, yet the usage of these medicines is commonplace nevertheless.

A molecule called ecdysterone may be particularly useful as a supplement for boosting strength and muscle recovery, according to a number of studies, including a recent one done at Freie Universität in Germany.

What Is Ecdysterone?

Spinach and other plants and insects, such as ladybugs, contain ecdysterone, an ecdysteroid molecule. Supplements containing this substance are often used for this purpose.

Two to three months of use may be all that's needed to see gains in lean body mass, strength, and power. Spinach extract, 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone, beta-ecdysterone, and alfa-ecdysone are just a few of the different names for ecdysterone supplements.

Some vegetables, including spinach and quinoa, naturally produce ecdysterone. In scientific terms, it is a phytoecdysteroid. Remember that "steroids" refer to organic molecules and are not always the same as manufactured anabolic steroids (variations of the male sex hormone testosterone).

Can ecdysterone boost testosterone levels? It may have hormone-mimicking effects due to its structural similarity to testosterone. Although it may seem similar to testosterone replacement therapy, this synthetic hormone is in fact much different.

However, it is still thought to be rather strong and may have effects comparable to both legal and illicit steroids, including banned anabolic agents like metandienone. People have even gone so far as to suggest that it is more potent and effective than other steroids now prohibited in professional sports.

Is Ecdysterone A Steroid?

Ecdysteroids are a class of steroids produced by insects, certain marine organisms, and a few land plants. They regulate many phases of an insect's life cycle.

Although ecdysteroids and testosterone are structurally similar, no human data suggests that ecdysteroids function in the same way as testosterone. Many people use steroids to improve their sports performance, manage their diabetes, or for other reasons without sufficient scientific backing.

Ecdysterone Benefits

The use of an ecdysterone supplement may be an excellent choice for those searching for a safe and all-natural means to enhance their sports performance. It is a strong chemical found in plants that has been shown to increase strength and muscle growth, improve endurance, and reduce body fat.

It is believed that this chemical causes a rise in protein synthesis and an improvement in blood flow to muscles, both of which are necessary for its effectiveness. Because of this, your muscles are able to make better use of the food you eat, leading to greater development and strength.

More research is needed to figure out exactly how ecdysterone works, but there are signs that it may be a good addition to your training plan.

Using Ecdysterone Supplements

In order to get the most out of your ecdysterone, you need to know how to take it before you start. Some advice is as follows:

  • First, consult with your doctor.Although it has a low risk profile, it is always smart to run any new supplement by your doctor first. You should be very careful if you already have a disease or take medicines that could interact with this chemical.
  • To get the best results, try sticking to the suggested dosage. Taking more ecdysterone than is prescribed is not going to make it work any better. When it comes to vitamins, more is not always better, and excessive use might actually be harmful.
  • The best way to take this supplement is to cycle between using it and not using it. Over time, your body may develop a tolerance to the drug, reducing its efficacy. Avoid this by pausing for a few weeks to a few months in between cycles.

Whar Are Risks For Using Ecdysterone?

In appropriate doses, ecdysterone has a low risk of adverse effects. It is not currently banned or treated like a steroid in the United States, but it is on the list of substances that will be monitored as part of the World Anti-Doping Agency's 2021 Monitoring Program. This means that WADA plans to learn more about the substance to decide whether or not it should be banned.

According to one of the most credible studies mentioned above, taking it in supplement form did not result in signs of liver or kidney damage. When compared to other steroid medications, it seems to have fewer negative effects on things like hunger, mood, libido, hair growth, and sleep.

You should get a good ecdysterone supplement from a reliable source to reduce the risk of negative effects and to get the most for your money. Look for a supplement that "stacks" cyclodextrin with ecdysterone (20-Hydroxyecdysone) to maximize absorption of this molecule, since this has been shown to be beneficial in certain studies.

Black and yellow-pills out of the bottle
Black and yellow-pills out of the bottle

People Also Ask

The supplement form of ecdysterone is presently available for purchase without a prescription.

Does Ecdysterone Affect Your Hormones?

Nanomolar quantities of ecdysone bind to ecdysone nuclear receptors and trigger ecdysterone's biological effects in insects (EcR). Because humans don't have EcRs and this chemical doesn't interact with androgen or glucocorticoid receptors, it doesn't have any hormonal effects on these organisms.

Is Ecdysterone An Anabolic Steroid?

As a natural anabolic and adaptogenic substance, ecdysterone has garnered the greatest interest. Because of this, it is often sold as a dietary supplement to athletes as a "natural anabolic agent" that may help them gain muscle and strength while doing resistance training. It may also help them feel less tired and recover faster.

What Does Ecdysterone Do To The Body?

Based on the results of these research, ecdysterone has the potential to boost performance, reduce body fat, and add muscle.

Final Words

Insects and plants like spinach and quinoa are sources of the phytoecdysteroid known as ecdysterone. When administered orally, ecdysterone has been shown to improve athletic performance.

Potential benefits include increased muscle size, strength, powder, and recuperation time. Before using any dietary supplement, it is important that you read the label thoroughly and adhere to the advice provided. If you have any questions or concerns, you should always speak with your doctor.

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