To what standards should the editors adhere?

Editors will behave with a high standard of professional ethics.

Editors will abide by the Publication Integrity and Ethics (PIE) guidelines.


What will the editors do in situations of conflict or competing interests?

Editors will declare any conflicts of interests to OA Publishing London.

Editors will declare any competing interests to OA Publishing London.


How will the publisher assist the editors?

Editors will be afforded the editorial freedom, which they will exercise responsibly and with due regard to the Laws of England & Wales. Editors will be aware of libel and defamation legislation.

Editors will be supported by the Publishing House Team who will advise them on difficult matters.


Is there any other useful information for the editors?

Editors will not act to the detriment of the journal or publishing house.

Any disputes must use the in-house procedure to resolve matters.