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Essential Oils For Skin Cancer - Can They Actually Cure You Of Skin Disease?

Cancer is one of the scariest diseases that every person can get.

According to Cancer Statistics, a diagnosis of cancer will be made in the lives of around 39.5% of all men and women at some point during their lives.

One type of cancer is skin cancer.

It is estimated that 7,650 people will lose their lives to melanoma (type of skin cancer) in 2022, with 5,080 males and 2,750 women dying of the disease.

Not everyone can afford the treatment for this.

That's why many people who are suffering from this disease are finding the right essential oils for skin cancer.

Understanding The Skin Cancer - How People Get This Disease

What causes skin cancer?

The development of skin cancer, also known as the "abnormal growth of skin cells", normally happens on skin that has been exposed to the sun.

However, this frequent kind of cancer can also develop on parts of your skin that are not often exposed to the effects of sunlight.

Melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma are the three most common forms of skin cancer.

Spending too much time in the sun, particularly in a way that results in sunburn and blisters, is the main factor in the development of skin cancer.

The sun's ultraviolet radiation can affect the DNA in your skin, which can lead to the development of abnormal cells.

These abnormal cells divide fast and in a widespread manner, ultimately resulting in the development of a mass of cancer cells.

But what we would like to know is what essential oils will help to cure skin cancer.

Are there any?

Some studies show that Frankincense Oil can be added to your list.

Frankincense Oil To Treat Skin Cancer

A bottle of frankincense oil
A bottle of frankincense oil

Some of the published contents stated that it can soothe the skin.

It is being said that it has potent anti-inflammatory effects, and is an effective natural therapy that may be used to calm the skin.

The epidermis of irritated or injured skin can have its protective barrier repaired by frankincense oil, which also has a calming effect on the affected areas.

This soothing component calms the skin and is beneficial for conditions such as rosacea, sunburn, and acne.

As per research conducted on frankincense oil and its effects on bladder cancer, the essential oil was discovered to have the capacity to prevent the growth of tumors and to activate several signaling pathways, both of which caused the death of bladder cancer cells.

According to the findings, in addition to having the capability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, frankincense oil may also have the ability to differentiate between healthy tissue and tissue that has cancer.

A study with the same focus on breast cancer cells discovered that frankincense extract oil has the potential to effectively promote the death of breast cancer cells.

Additionally, the essential oil may inhibit the growth and aggressiveness of tumors, in addition to preventing the formation of new cancer cells.

The Proper Application Of Frankincense Oil To The Skin

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

Do not apply pure frankincense oil directly to any skin tumors or blemishes you have!

This is especially important if you choose to use frankincense oil for your skin cancer disease.

When applied directly to the skin, pure frankincense essential oil can irritate and inflame the surface of the skin, as well as cause a burning feeling.

You should instead try mixing a drop of frankincense oil in a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil.

This should help to lessen the chance of any severe skin responses happening.

Particularly beneficial as a natural treatment for skin cancer is the use of this essential oil combination.

Its use is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Alternative Essential Oils That Have Been Proven Effective

Six different essential oils
Six different essential oils
  • Tea tree
  • Ginger
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Eucalyptus

These essential oils are highly concentrated forms of chemicals that are made from plants, flowers, or trees and are then bottled in liquid form.

You can use essential oils topically to your skin by combing them with other oils or lotions and massaging them into your skin, or you can inhale them through a diffuser.

Other Potential Side Effects Of Using Essential Oils, And Things You Should Do Immediately

We cited some research that provided information that can lead us to think that essential oils are beneficial for skin diseases.

However, we also need to know what it can possibly bring to us if we use it.

It comes as a surprise to some people to realize that even though such oils are produced from natural sources, the products themselves can still cause irritation or allergic reactions.

This is especially true for individuals who have skin that is sensitive or has been injured.

When using a room diffuser, some individuals report that they develop coughing and other respiratory difficulties.

Immediately stop the use of the product if you have any kind of response or irritation.

Never apply essential oils directly to your skin without first mixing them, and keep essential oils away from your eyes at all times.

Perform This To See If Your Skin Can Take Essential Oils

Red spots on a woman's arm
Red spots on a woman's arm

Perform a patch test on a small area of your skin at least 24 hours before applying an essential oil to your skin to ensure that you will not have a negative reaction to the oil.

If the skin turns red or swells up, you should stop using the oil immediately.

People Also Ask

What Skin Cancer Looks Like When It Starts?

A huge brown area with darker speckles is one of the indications that can represent melanoma. A change in the mole's color, size, or texture, as well as bleeding from it. A little lesion that has an irregular border with parts that can look red, pink, white, blue, or blue-black in color.

A large brown area with darker speckles beside a man's eye
A large brown area with darker speckles beside a man's eye

How Quickly Does Skin Cancer Spread?

Melanoma can advance at an alarmingly rapid rate. In as little as six weeks, it can progress to the point where it threatens a person's life, and if it is not treated, it can spread to other parts of the body. Melanoma can develop even on skin that is rarely exposed to the sun's rays.

Melanoma can come in a variety of subtypes, some of which are more common than others. One of the most dangerous is called nodular melanoma.

Is There A Natural Way To Fight Skin Cancer?

Many dermatologists recommend including certain antioxidants in your diet to help prevent skin cancer. These antioxidants include vitamins C, E, and A, zinc, selenium, beta carotene (carotenoids), omega-3 fatty acids, lycopene, and polyphenols.

They are present in a wide variety of entire meals that are consumed regularly and are beneficial.


Skin cancer isn't what we think like of as a simple disease that can be treated in a way that we want.

The medicine prescribed by your doctor is the most effective way to fight skin cancer.

Although there is a lot of conducted research can be found, don't forget to follow medicinal treatment.

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