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Open Access Publishing Grants - What Are The Options?


Open access journals make research outputs such as journal articles and books available to the public for free and without restriction on the internet. OA material is freely available to everyone who wants to read it, and there are no access costs. As a result, open access journals charge authors an article processing fee to cover the costs of publishing their articles.

Many authors find that paying article processing costs (APCs) is a significant barrier to adopting an open access publication strategy. A large proportion of authors from underdeveloped nations experience this. However, there are various funding options available to authors to cover the cost of APC. Numerous universities have also established central funds to pay the costs of APCs.

What Does "Article Publishing Charges" Mean?

There is a price linked with the publication of open access articles known as an article publishing charge (APC). It provides a variety of services that assist in ensuring the trustworthiness, quality, and impact of your published research results.

Authors will increasingly be faced with the challenge of financing the costs of publishing their work in open access journals that charge article processing charges (APCs) as the number of papers published in open access journals charging APCs continues to grow.

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APCs can cost anywhere from $200 to $5,000, with the average cost in the United States stated to be $904. Some senior researchers and faculty members may be able to offset this expense by including the fees in their grant applications. On the other hand, APCs might be daunting for graduate students and young professors who do not have access to grant funds.

In response to this demand, several academic institutions have created open access publishing funds as a method of subsidising a portion of the entire cost of article processing charges (APCs) borne by their teachers, staff, and students.

Funding Options To Pay Article Processing Charges

In many cases, funding organisations expressly permit the use of research money to cover the costs of article processing charges (APCs) to publish in open access journals and the costs of Book Processing Charges (BPCs) to publish open access volumes. Many universities have now established central funds to pay the costs of APCs and BPCs, as well. The following is a list of available funding sources for APCs and BPCs.

  • National or international funding bodies permit the use of research monies to pay for open access APCs for books and articles published in open access journals.
  • Open access publishing agreements are another method of obtaining financial support. Many organisations worldwide assist scholars in obtaining gold open access publication in their preferred journals. These transformational and consortium agreements can benefit writers by lowering their APCs or by letting them to publish open access without incurring any additional costs.
  • Many universities also have open access memberships with open access publications, which they use to share research findings. Researchers situated at these universities may be able to publish gold open access articles at no cost to themselves if they meet specific criteria.
  • In some instances, open access publishers provide discounts or fee exemptions to researchers from impoverished nations.
  • There are other general resources for Open Access Funding available on the internet. These may be found in the databases of Sherpa Juliet, The Open Access Directory, SPARC, and other similar organisations, among others. Sherpa Juliet is a searchable database of open access policies for research funding organisations. The Open Access Directory keeps track of a list of institutional funding that supports open access publishing initiatives. SPARC maintains a list of North American institutions and university libraries establishing open access grants for their respective research and teaching.


Authors are charged an article processing charge, which is a well-established revenue model used by open access publishers (APC). Most of the time, authors may rely on research funding to cover APCs in order to comply with grant criteria or as a necessary component of the implicit cost of doing research.

Authors who do not have grants, or who have grants but do not have reserved funds, may seek support from their respective institutions. As open access continues to grow in popularity, new financing options are becoming available.

For research institutions and open access publishers to raise awareness among young researchers about open access funding sources and to teach them in how to obtain these funds, they must first raise awareness among researchers in their own fields.

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