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Rituals For Letting Go Of Trauma - How To Make It Work?


Getting past the traumatic experiences we've had is typically not easy. It causes us to become stuck, preventing us from developing into the whole, genuine people we know we can be.

In order to recover from trauma, we must therefore develop rituals for letting go of trauma. Rituals can help us put an unpleasant part of our lives behind us.

Forgetting the past is as simple as allowing yourself to feel the feelings it evoked, working through them, and then moving on. In what specific ways does this apply in the real world?

Burying The Past

One woman was having a hard time getting over the death of her father. He was a bad person who hurt her when she was a child. When he died, she tried to figure out how she felt about it. Most people want to love their parents, even if they were mean to them, but it's hard to do so when they've broken rules and hurt you.

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For her, the ceremony was about setting his ashes free. Instead of keeping them or scattering them, she buried them. This was her way of letting go. This is part of life, and things like this do happen, but the way to win is to let go of them.

A lady crying while holding a bunch of flowers on her shoulder
A lady crying while holding a bunch of flowers on her shoulder

Writing Letters

Another way to let go is to write letters that explain how much pain and damage a certain person has caused the person writing the letter. It is a way to not only get rid of anger, but also to give words to feelings that have been bottled up for years.

People can write about anything they want in these letters, but they are never sent. They are burned (either in a bonfire or a fireplace) or buried to show that the pain caused by the person to whom the letter is written has gone away.

Casting Stones

The sea helps a lot of people feel better and get new energy. The earth is made up of rocks and stones, which are heavy and sink to the bottom of the water. People may feel better if they write down their pain or the name of the person who hurt them on a stone and throw it out to sea.

The ocean can make you feel clean, so this ritual is like being born again. Some people think that putting their pain on a rock with a magic marker is like taking it out of themselves and putting it into the earth. Throwing it into the ocean can be a way to give up the pain or let go of the abuser so that the pain can change.

Energy Healing

When yoga and energy healing are used together, they can help people get into quiet, meditative states where a lot of pain can be worked through. One woman was sad about the death of her husband, whose illness and decline had been very traumatic for her. As she meditated, she thought about him and tried to picture him as young, strong, and happy. This helped her heal.

It helped her deal with some of the pain she felt from seeing him die. Being able to see him helped her feel closer to him and know that a part of him would always be with her. In this kind of grief work, bringing the person who died back into their lives in a different way makes them feel more comfortable and safe.

It lets someone who is sad move on and think about the person who died in a different way. It makes them feel like they aren't really gone, but just in a different way.

A lady covering her face with both hands
A lady covering her face with both hands

People Also Ask

How Do I Let Go Of Past Trauma?

  • Create a positive mantra to counter painful thoughts.
  • Create physical distance.
  • Do your own work.
  • Practice mindfulness.

How Do You Heal From Trauma Spiritually?

  • Awareness.
  • Cleanse yourself and your space.
  • Embrace alone time.
  • Release with intention.
  • Spend time in nature.

What Triggers Past Trauma?

Triggers can be things like sights, sounds, smells, or even just thoughts that make you think about the traumatic event. Some things that cause PTSD are obvious, like hearing about an attack on the news. Some aren't as clear. For example, if you were attacked on a sunny day, seeing a bright blue sky might make you sad.


Certain individuals must finish a certain part of their story and move on from that era of their lives. Others need to reintegrate the suffering, sorrow, and loved ones who have passed away. Regardless of the traumatic event that occurred, rituals for letting go of trauma can help people feel more liberated to start a new chapter in their lives and move on with their lives.

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