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Succubus Spell - How To Summon A Succubus In Your Sleep?


Do you want to know about the succubus spell? Succubi are feminine devils that infiltrate men's dreams in the guise of stunning ladies. Folklore claims that they feed on men's body fluids and steal their life power while traveling.

Naturally, succubi are terrifying. But a cautionary story about a succubus won't stop someone from calling one if they want to. Sadly, there are many false "how to summon a succubus" rituals on the internet, so you should be skeptical of whatever you learn. By the way, what could go wrong?

Succubi Can Be Summoned Through Physical Devotion

Succubus spell can be used to play into the sensual side of succubi, who are frequently thought of as particularly sensual devils. Candles, incense, and other decorative items set the ambiance and help the summoner get into the appropriate frame of mind, which is nearly always a wonderful first step.

While visualizing a succubus, tenderly treat the body with oils to entice the demon. Just start moving after that while considering having a sexual encounter. At first, it may seem foolish, but it seems that spirits enjoy a little humor.

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After all that, it's a good idea to request a nocturnal visit from the succubus, then go to sleep and dream of her while being careful not to finish first.

Opened book with star and ancient symbols lying on the floor with skull and candles
Opened book with star and ancient symbols lying on the floor with skull and candles

Visualization Spells Can Summon Partial Manifestation

The most crucial factor in summoning a succubus is protection. A simple insulating circle made of white chalk or thread may do a lot to stop unwanted items. Use three to five black candles evenly spaced around the circle to make the protective spell stronger.

As soon as you feel safe, spread your legs wide inside the circle and concentrate on calming yourself and finding your center. Imagine the circle becoming a portal that the devil might use to enter after feeling its comfort. If done correctly, a manifestation that wants to interact with people should materialize.

Consider The Implicit Risk Of Summoning A Succubus

According to Encyclopedia Satanica, a succubus is a young lady with avian or reptile traits and maybe cloven hooves. The fact that a succubus's private space feels like a tunnel of ice and that they are thought to have the ability to harvest young men's sperm and return it to incubi, their demonic male counterparts, maybe the most unsettling.

That probably won't be an issue for those calling a succubus to harass an adversary or for some diabolical discussions. A succubus might not be the greatest friend for individuals who have more mature ideas on their minds.

Incubus and succubus spell/ spirit lover *NB: NOT FOR BEGINNERS *

You Can Persuade Lillith To Send One Of Her Daughters By Writing Her A Letter

According to Jewish mythology, Adam's first wife was a woman named Lilith. In summary, things didn't work out, and she had a lot of children. Some people think such youngsters are succubi.

It's possible to persuade Lilith to introduce you to one of her daughters if you write her a letter and sign it with your entire name and some blood. Be sincere and courteous, and after finishing the letter, burn it with a candle. Wait for Lilith to be impressed while you take 30 minutes to calm down and enjoy the candle.

Proceed With The Ritual Slowly And Steadily

It's crucial to take all the necessary measures before beginning any kind of contact with a succubus since they may be malevolent demons determined to drain the life essence from whoever calls them. Some people say that you should meditate or, at the very least, think about how a succubus could improve your life in ways that simpler solutions can't.

After giving that subject some attention, it's crucial to gradually establish a rapport with a summoned succubus. Make an effort to get to know them through several interview sessions, and always use prudence.

This step of the procedure can be simplified by the use of divination instruments. Since spirits don't always fit into neat categories, these conversations may show that succubi aren't always what they seem to be.

People Also Ask

Which Animal Is A Succubus?

A succubus is a female demon or supernatural being that appears in dreams and assumes the shape of a woman to entice men, typically via sexual activity. This term comes from Lilith of Genius, who was herself an altered version of a Syrian Wind Goddess.

What Does A Succubus Not Have?

Nothing is mentioned in any legend or myth stories. In legend, an incubus is a male demon who wants to sleep with sleeping women and have sexual relations with them. A succubus is the female version of an incubus.

What Is The Plural Of A Succubus?

Succubi, often known as succubuses, is the plural form of the word.


When called, a succubus by succubus spell a female-gendered demonic creature generally seeks out the summoner for love or sexual connection. Succubi will have these kinds of relationships with both men and women who request them.

If you want to interact with or experience more sensual demonic contact, succubi are the perfect spirits to call. Succubi have a reputation for being kind, delicate, caring, playful, sexually curious, and sympathetic.

This well-known book on summoning demons combines holotropic breathwork, deep meditation, and lucid dreaming with both traditional canonical rituals and hybridized canonical rituals.

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