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How Does The House Make Money On Poker - A Disclosure On How It Works


To say that casinos are profit-driven would be an understatement.

Every casino game, from roulette to slots, features a built-in advantage for the casino, often known as the house edge.

The game of poker, however, is unique. The player is not competing against the casino, either virtually or in person.

To win money, you must compete against other players rather than the casino itself.

How does the house make money on poker, and why would they want to host tournaments and maintain cash game tables?

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Learning The Fundamentals Of Rake

The response to the above question is a short, four-letter word that is significant to the poker industry as a whole. We're not referring to a garden instrument used to rake up leaves that have accumulated in front of your house when we use the word "rake."

Rake is a portion of money that a casino withholds from practically every cash game pot or tournament entry fee in poker. It functions almost like a tax.

Cash Games With A Fixed Payout Rake

Most cash games, whether they're No-Limit Hold'em, PLO, or others, deduct the rake before delivering the pot to the winner. This precedes additional rewards. Most casinos charge 2% to 10% of the pot as rake.

Most games require a 3–5% rake, thus these extremes are rare. Most casinos have a maximum rake limit per pot, which is set by the casino's rules.

Variations According To The Stakes

Most lower limit games have a higher rake than higher limit games. In $1/$2 games, expect a rake of 5% or more and a hefty cap.

Higher limit tables have a 3% rake and a smaller cap than the stakes. This may seem unfair to low-stakes players, but the logic behind it is clear.

Whether you're playing with $2 or $100 blinds, you're still occupying a table, and the game needs a dealer to keep going. Thus, casinos must take more of the rake than the blinds to keep their prices cheap.

The hands of a man shuffling a deck of poker cards
The hands of a man shuffling a deck of poker cards


Tournaments offer a new game format where players fight for chips to reach the money stage. Thus, chip pots are worthless and casinos cannot collect rake like in cash games.

The buy-in includes tournament rake. A $100 tournament often requires a $110 or $120 buy-in. The $100 prize pool does not include the $10 or $20 rake.

The casino keeps this money to cover event planning expenditures. If you play tournaments and watch the rake, you'll find that online games, especially at lower stakes, have a cheaper rake than live ones.

People Also Ask

How Does The Host Of A Poker Game Make Money?

Online poker rooms make money from "rake". Rakes might be tournament registration fees, time charges, or even a small percentage of cash game pots. For instance, in the 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event, each $10,000 buy-in will contribute $9,325 to the player pool.

How Do Poker Rooms In Texas Make Money?

Private poker clubs have proliferated across Texas in recent years. These clubs claim they comply with Texas gambling laws because they charge membership fees rather than rake.

How Do Casinos Make Money Out Of Poker?

Revenue: Each hand generates a $4 rake. They average 1.5–2 minutes per hand. The best number yields $160 per hour (even though not all hands generate the maximum rake). With nine people per table, that's $18 per hour.


You now know how casinos make money from poker and how they may run games while offering enormous tournament prize pools. If rake is incorporated, casinos can make a lot of money from poker, in addition to all the other games people play.

Instead, learn how rakes affect your game. Even the top players may struggle to win games with excessively high rake and caps or no caps. If you can choose, play games with smaller rakes.

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