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Is Lotion Good For Penis? Options To Extend Your Play Time


Many males masturbation even if they don't admit it to others. The majority of men have transitioned to masturbating with their bare hands and now find the act tedious and unrewarding. Is lotion good for penis? During masturbation, lotion may serve as a reliable companion.

The added slipperiness encourages rapid ejaculation in males. If you engage in daily masturbation, you should probably avoid doing it without lubricant since it is time-consuming and generally a terrible idea. Your penis is becoming dry and inflamed because of the excessive friction.

If you masturbate often, you can achieve this feat with your bare hands. With lotion, you may lessen the feeling of friction and have a more pleasant sensation overall. Keep in mind that the penis is a delicate region and that certain creams may cause irritation.

To men who are used to using lotion, masturbating without it will be an unpleasant experience. If you are just starting out, you may have a pleasurable experience even without lotion if you don't hold it too firmly. However, some might advocate for the use of lotion to increase enjoyment, while others could discourage it due to the cost. Whether or whether you choose to apply lotion is up to you.

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Is Lotion Good Lubricant For Penis?

Lotion may be used instead of lubrication if you prefer it or if you just don't want to buy lube for any reason. Always go for fragrance-free and odorless body creams. Lotions with fragrances are more likely to spread illnesses, whereas those without scents pose less risk.

To soothe your sensitive skin, use creams specifically designed for that purpose. Sensitive skin may be seen around the feet. There is a compelling rationale for the widespread use of lotions designed for sensitive skin. Furthermore, they are often hypoallergenic.

Condoms may get damaged if used with oil-based lotions. They may damage the condom to the point that it ruptures. Lotions that include water are preferable. Lotions should be avoided during sex in the genital area. Though they're OK for anal intercourse, penile masturbation, blowjobs, and oral sex, they might irritate the vagina, which is very delicate.

The use of a quality sex lubricant is highly recommended. The market is flooded with them, and you may buy them without drawing attention to yourself. Indeed, several manufacturers package their lubes in containers that pass for body creams. So there won't be any domestic humiliation to worry about.

Why settle for less and endanger your sexual health when the world offers so many alternatives? Get some quality lubricant and have it on hand so that every experience may be a "WOW" moment.

People Also Ask

Is Lotion A Good Lubricant?

Yes, considering its intended usage, a lotion makes for an excellent lubricant.

Can I Apply Body Lotion For My Penis?

Yes, the genital area (including the penis and scrotum) may and should be liberally doused with body lotion. After you've finished masturbating and washed up, you may reapply the lotion if you want.

What Are Possible Lubrication Alternatives Of Lotion?

Aloe vera, plain yogurt, olive oil, virgin coconut oil and egg whites are possible alternatives of lotion.

Final Words

Is lotion good for penis? It depends on the type of your skin. However, unlike when men don't use lotion, when they do, they have to remove the residue so that their underwear doesn't become stuck. Some guys may continue masturbating with lotion because of the pleasure it provides.

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