What advantages will members of OA Publishing London acquire?

Research and Educational organisations who are members of the OA Publishing London group will be afforded a home webpage with in-house and external links.

Members will be given access to further discounts and benefits which may arise from volume use.


How will individuals from member organisations benefit?

Individual researchers and contributors from member organisations will be afforded reduced rate or pre-paid article processing charges. This will allow members to reduce their administrative burden with consequent savings. Members will be provided with an audit trail of their researchers OA Publishing London submissions and activity for research assessment exercises.


How will membership be beneficial to smaller organisations?

Organisational partnerships will be further encouraged by a whole organisation approach to branding by OA Publishing London, such as by providing the publishing e-output for a whole university or business. This is negotiated on a case by case basis and may be considered to be very cost effective for smaller organisations or by businesses hoping to outsource this work.